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Stop Wasting Time! Find Answers Quickly

Don’t fall into hours searching for information to answer a question!


Responding to questions with validation and confidence as a manager is vital. As a manager, you’re required to attend meetings and most days it consumes half of your day, and less time for strategic planning. Managers influence direction and productivity. Being able to respond to questions quickly is important, but you can’t because you’re searching for information to validate your answer. Most of the time, information is located in multiple areas.


I compared Track and Validate against Outlook search, I quickly found the information with Track and Validated I needed, interactions between colleagues, supporting documents, decisions, and approvals. I was impressed by how fast I found the information and everything I needed to confidentially make a decision and respond.

Track and Validate, an information validation platform for searching approved answers, history of actions taken by whom, when, and what was stated are tracked, audit trail, approvals in one repository.Impressive! Track and Validate is an intuitive solution that provides structure in the following areas:

  • Searching approved answers

  • History of actions by whom, when, and what was stated are tracked

  • Audit trail

  • Discussions and communication

  • Approvals

  • One repository.

Would you like to gain more time and productivity?

Track and Validate an information validation platform simplified!


Here’s a quick demo on how quickly you can find the information you need.

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