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How does Track and Validate® work? 


Track and Validate Workflow

Track and Validate® gets it.

  • Questionnaires are given to the Track and Validate® administrator

  • The TAV administrator will import them into Track and Validate

    • From this moment everything is tracked

    • The administrator can assign an Auditor, Contributor(s), Reviewer(s) or 2nd Approver during the import or after

  • The auditor is notified when a new questionnaire is assigned

    • The auditor ​can

      • Search through previously approved questions using AI​

      • Manually input their own search criteria 

      • Request assistance and interact with Contributors and Reviewers​

      • Answer and approve each question

      • Approve the questionnaire

        • The questionnaire is now part of the AI search database

  • Apply optional secondary approval process​

    • The 2nd approver is notified when the auditor approves the questionnaire​

    • 2nd approver can interact with the auditor and request changes

    • If no changes are required, the questionnaire is approved

    • The questionnaire is now part of the AI search database

Track and Validate® offers some pretty cool features


Set Due Dates 


Track and Validate® provides the ability to set due dates and send reminders to auditors and supporting roles.

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