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The Track and Validate Story 


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Wilson Ye


213.277.9441 X. 801

Our story begins with our hero, Wilson Ye. Wilson, a 30-year IT veteran - spent the last 18 years specializing in Information Security working as Director of Information Security at an AMLAW 25 Global law firm. Poised with various industry certifications and education, Wilson led the charge of completing and submitting comprehensive, client-requested security surveys, a time consuming and tedious process that took time away from other crucial company responsibilities. 


Data security being the linchpin of clients’ most prized assets (organizational and consumer information) Wilson was responsible for the accurate and timely representation of the firm’s position and posture on technology and information security (info sec). 

This is the story of how a time-consuming problem and lack of technology led to innovation. Wilson knew that there had to be a smarter, more time-effective way to handle these security requests that would often bog down all involved locking-up the time of employees and clients.

Looking for options, Wilson began to work with Juan Ballar. Juan coming from a highly skilled background, working as the former lead engineer for an AMLAW 25 firm and now being the founder and CEO of ConnectUNow, brought the perspective needed and they began to develop a solution. Juan’s successful launch of his first product Email2Print, other application development experience at ConnectUNow and their combined legal background allowed them to successfully create an application for executing security requests efficiently.


From this partnership, Track and Validate emerges as the best application to address the issues plaguing information security officers today. With backers like Practice Aligned Resources’ CEO, Joy Murao, this product has support from professionals and experts who recognize the importance of accurately fulfilling these security requests and protecting client’s valuable information.

Juan Ballar Track and Validate

Juan Ballar

CEO & Founder

213.236.0847 X. 111


Joy Murao

CEO & Founder

213.330.2716 X. 700

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