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Can You Quickly Answer

Why, What, How, Where, When, Who?

Designed from the ground up to fill a complex yet overlooked requirement. Responding Quickly with Confidence to Questions and Questionnaires!

An Information Validation Platform Simplified!

Why Track and Validate?

Access approved answers and responses company-wide

Import | Assign | Track | Interact | Search | Approve

Superior Search | AI-Powered | Simple

We All Need to Cover Our As..


Security Questionnaires | Projects | Policies |

Procedures | Budgets | Incidents

Get up and running quickly.


Import your previous and current answers, responses, or questionnaires. Start taking advantage of our AI search features instantly!

How Smart is 

Track and Validate®?

As smart as you are! We also include AI behind the scenes in case you haven't had your coffee yet!

Feeling a bit Overwhelmed?


Don't worry, our team will start the process for you! Let us import previous and current answers, responses, or questionnaires, allowing you to focus on other important responsibilities. 

Track and Validate Features


Track and Validate streamlines the answer and response process for any industry.

We have created Track and Validate with a proven search backend, a powerful AI engine, and a well-thought-out process.

  • Fast and easy setup

  • Proven backend search technology

  • Import previous and current answers, responses, or questionnaires with our easy template

  • Built-in workflows to request answers from others (contributors and reviewers)

    • Capture all conversations ​

    • Track proposed answers

    • Apply a secondary approval process

  • Track history on all actions 

  • AI searches through approved answers, responses, and questionnaires for similar questions

    • Helping you answer request for information quickly​

    • View historical conversations and documents

    • Approve or reject proposed answers

  • Ability to make search smarter with company based word enhancements   

  • Export approved answers, responses, and questionnaires with attachments

Are your questionnaires piling up?

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